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Who are Funky Fidgets Shop?
Funky Fidgets Shop was created over 2 years ago during the UK’s ‘lockdown’ period by 11 year old Entrepreneur & fidget lover Alex. 

Using social media platforms such as TikTok, Youtube & Instagram to showcase her products, Funky Fidgets Shop rapidly became very popular across the world. 

To keep up with the demand of world wide shipping, the speedy growth in the online following (currently nearly half of a million followers on TikTok & 39,000 subscribers on YouTube!) Not to mention the fact Alex had less time as she went back to school once they reopened after ‘lockdown’. I had to help my daughter out with this crazy busy but crazy brilliant business she had created.
I am proud of the brand she has created in Funky Fidgets Shop, the children she has inspired and the role model she continues to be for children using social media.
Thank you for your continued support & love for this mother & daughter duo 
Melissa & Alex 

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