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Colour change Rocket Light


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Introducing our mesmerizing Color Changing Rocket Night Light, a delightful blend of imagination and technology designed to transform your nighttime experience.

This enchanting night light takes the form of a classic cartoon spaceship, featuring an iconic curved body and three fins to prop it up.

During the day, this rocket-shaped night light serves as a charming decorative piece, But as night falls, it comes to life, illuminating the room with a soft, colour-changing glow. Just flick the switch on its base and the rocket will illuminate red before phasing through a range of other colours, including green and blue. It goes great in any room and can be used as a brilliant alternative night light.

Transform your bedtime routine into a delightful experience filled with wonder and imagination, one color at a time.

Made from child-safe, durable materials
Classic cartoon-like design
White exterior with fine details
Flick the switch to illuminate
Phases between red, blue and green colours
Great alternative night light
Batteries included
15cm tall

space planet moon star