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Kaiko Spikeyring - 'Ouch' without Harm & 'Picking' support


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The SpiKEYring DUAL another great product from Kaiko the Australian brand is discreet & can be kept on hand, in the pocket, bag or keyring. 

It has a fidget loop securing 2 detachable double sided sensory supports for tactile input, picking support and 'hurt' without harm.  

It is a TWIN SET with one PVC hard pad & one softer silicone pad secured on a fidget loop.  

  • Double sided textured pad with silicone bristlesin two different shapes.
  • Double sided textured pad with PVC 'spikey' bristles in two different shapes both providing 'ouch' without harm & also picking support.  Some have likened it to a shakti pad for the hand (or under foot). 
  • Detachable Fidget Loop that can clip onto bags, keyrings, anywhere.... Can unscrew the cuff to attach or also to remove one or both pads. 

They have been primarily developed by Kaiko as  harm minimisation tools that provides 'hurt without harm' & surfaces to 'drag' finger nails over as a picking support tool.  They are helpful for those that benefit from deep, focused pressure to assist with regulation and respond well to high sensory input. 

SILICONE PAD Approx 8cm x 3cm. - This dual sided pad is soothing for many to brush over the fingers & skin, 'pick' at with finger nails.  It has some flex to it also.  A great tactile sensory support.  

PVC PAD Approx 7 cm x 3 cm - This dual sided pad is more abrasive & rigid. Great for putting in palm of hand and squeezing for 'ouch'.  Can 'pick' at these bristles also however they are more rigid than the silicone ones.   Can also press into skin.  Please note extensive dragging across skin can cause reddening and, if prolonged, skin breakdown so supervision &/or an alternative tool is required if the person using is likely to use in this way.  

Age Recommendation: Ages 5 and up

Materials : Food grade silicone ,  PVC ,  Stainless Steel.