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Needoh Mellow Marble


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A marvelously mellow marble squeeze awaits with the sensational NeeDoh Marbleez! This ultra-groovy fidget toy is filled with a clear gooey gel for a glass-like appearance and comes in five different marble-effect colour variations (chosen at random).

Nee Doh is perfect for playtime at home or on the go, and is the ideal size for little hands to squish, stretch, squash and smush! It can be a great mindfulness tool to help youngsters unwind, and also aids concentration by giving busy hands something to hold and play with.

NeeDoh squeeze toys are safe, child-friendly and non-toxic. They make fabulous gifts and stocking fillers, and are suitable for kids aged 3+ years.

NeeDoh Marbleez - product features:

  • Marble effect NeeDoh squishy toy
  • Available in 5 colour variations (chosen at random)
  • Made from a non-toxic, dough-like material
  • Suitable for 3+ years